A working mum’s nightmare morning

Hey Elderflower,

Great news on the ‘test group’. I can’t wait to see how people react to the product, it will be so insightful.

Ahh.. Crosby Beach. I love those sculptures, they’re so eerie but incredible.

On the flip side I thought I would share my nightmare of a day!

This could be long and drawn out, but I am going to keep it short and sweet.

After negotiating with Ben over the car for the school run, I drew the short straw and ended up taking Byron by bus. A novelty of course for him, but a carefully orchestrated morning avoiding the usual mishaps (i.e. Byron arguing with me over a Spider-Man T-Shirt, plus he decides today is the day his shoes no longer fit, so then proceeded to stomp up and down the corridor screaming until I folded and let him wear his UGG boots on a beautiful 25 degree day!). Anyway, we got out the door which is no mean feat.

Of we set on our way, and both of us hop off the bus and within three steps Byron starts whining “Mum can you carry me into school, please”. Don’t get me wrong, he’s nearly blinkin’ 4 years of age, and normally wants to chase me, but I decided to cave in and picked him up, bouncing from one arm to the next, juggling school bags, handbag and laptop and to be honest I probably looked like a women possessed as I reached the school security gate. As soon as I stopped to negotiate the child proof gate, a horrible wave of poo smell surrounded us and I quickly put Byron down to find a big dog turd hanging off his shoes, and worse still caked across both my legs!

I have a 9:30am meeting in the city and I am going to smell of a toilet!?

Thankfully Byron’s teachers usher me in, and proceed to run around me like the scene when Annie gets taken to Warbucks mansion (the only thing missing was the cheerful tune). Within minutes I looked like I had wet myself, and was getting concerned that I was going to bring a woft of poo to every meeting I had locked in. Total nightmare.

Anyway it certainly was an awkward bus journey, with my heightened senses on alert, watching out for any sign of strangers looking around inquisitively. Well, they didn’t, thank the lord. And by the time I arrived in the office, my trousers were dry and I had regained some level of respect!

NOTE TO SELF: Never, ever, ever let Byron convince me to carry him again!


A working mum’s nightmare morning

The next Dita von tease

Seriously Elderflower, you sound like you are going to be ready for the big stage in no time. Forget the new breastfeeding top venture, maybe you are going to be the next Dita Von Tease!
OK, lets stop daydreaming. THE TOP ARRIVED!!! I have just picked it up from the post office. I am super excited. Wow it looks so simple when I lay it out. I even tried it on, I know I am not technically breastfeeding but I found a teddy of Byron’s and tucked it under to see how it worked. Its great! I will text Manuka my lovely dressmaker friend (she is the owner of http://www.allaboutheidi.com, where I bought those wonderful leather sandals for Annie), and see if she can work up a sample that works. I bought some beautiful fabric I think you’ll like, so I will give her that to work with for now. She said it should only take a week. Wow, I am bursting with excitement. What’s more, I will be able to start working on a brand with you – that will be fun going through the process. Who said distance changes anything. I love that we can do this on opposite sides of the world! It means we will get things done quicker too. When I am asleep you will be actioning things I haven’t in the day and vice versa. LOVE IT!

~ Let’s do this, Delilah

The next Dita von tease

I have an idea…

OMG Delilah, I think I have an idea. Seriously, I have been thinking about this for the last few months, and it didn’t really seem to mean anything until you said that. I have a fab breastfeeding top I rustled up when feeding Esmé, I’ve been using again with Annie and get loads of positive comments about it, even people interested to know where I got it from – can you believe that? It’s such a simple design, but a really attractive top as well as a perfect top for a discreet feed. As you know, I feed everywhere and anywhere, but it is really reassuring to have it in my bag to pop on when I’m caught out with a string vest and a crying starving bubba demanding to be fed (particularly in the café’s). Here, I’ll send you a pic…..

It’s just a rough idea….but can you see where I’m heading with it??


What do you think? I’ve adjusted it since, as the panel at the bottom wasn’t long enough to cover my post baby bulge. What do you think? Could this be a goer?

Maybe I should get my little sewing machine out and make up one to show you next time we are on Skype. Who knows it could work?

~ Inspired Elderflower

I have an idea…

Beautiful night in Sydney

Hi Elderflower,

We have had a cracking first week of spring. The weather is beautiful and the afternoons are just starting to come back that hazy summer feel. I love it.

Not to make you jealous, but my goodness look at the sunset tonight, it was like a scene from Flash Gordan!


Oh goodness, weaning. Byron was ok, he was open to trying new things and as you say I felt it was time as he seemed to be distracted at feeding time, especially as he was becoming so alert and wanted to be involved in every other thing going on around him. Funny, I was only chatting about breastfeeding with a friend of mine today, and we laughed about the fact that she was given one of those aprons as a gift. It was red and she said that she felt like a flashing beacon – she said most people would stare at her with a weird curiosity in there eye like they were thinking “Oh so what do we have in there?”. Seriously, don’t we deserve a little more than an apron, or giant bib! I saw a poor lady with one today, and it had a glaring pattern over it. Forget the flashing beacon, I wasn’t thinking “what’s in there” I was thinking more about buying the lady a white sheet, cutting a hole and assuring her she would look and feel a whole lot more comfortable! Anyway, slightly off topic. Oh yeah, weaning. You’ll be fine, Annie will be fine. She’ll let you know when she’s had enough.

~ Delilah

Beautiful night in Sydney

Ok.. I’m here

Hey Delilah,

Ok so you have me here. I am not entirely sure how this all works and am a little concerned that the world can see this. But I think you are right, I need to start moving with the times. How’s life over in Bondi today? By the looks of things you are already getting better weather than our entire summer. One minute we’re baring all in our strappy dresses and the next minute I’m wrapped up in woolies!!!

That “Super Heroes Party” looks amazing. Love the comic strip you have made. Wow is that really how birthday parties are organised in Bondi? I need to start rethinking my approach, my simple ‘Art Parties’ will no longer cut the mustard if Esmé see’s these pictures.

Thinking about weaning Annie off the boob. She’s showing me all the signs that’s she’s ready…..and I have to admit, I feel I’m ready to have my body back to myself – does that sound awful? How was Byron when you weaned him, was it hard? Annie and Byron have such similar personalities… I didn’t have much of a choice with Esmé, the decision was pretty much made up by her. It’s all such a quandary???!!!??

~ Love Elderflower

Ok.. I’m here

Elderflower, are you there?

Somehow I managed to find myself here on this blog, and I thought it would be a good place for us to share. I know you are not really into ‘blogging’ but just snap out of it, as it’s time you strip off your concerns and lay yourself bare for the world to see. Anyway, what’s the worst that could happen, no one reads this?

Just thought I would kick-start with an anecdotal story for the day. As you know Byron is now nuts about Spiderman. In fact we now cannot get the damn suit off him (even to wash). I am finding myself sneaking it from his room at night to get it on a speed wash. He’s even refusing to go to the toilet through fear I will swipe it from underneath him. We went to a wonderful ‘Super Heroes Party’ today for Winston’s 3rd birthday. When trying to convince Byron he would definitely need the toilet, he yells out to me in front of the other mums eating their birthday cake “No mummy, I am not doing a poo, my poo has fallen asleep and gone back up bum bum!” Oh the joys of motherhood.

Here are some of the pictures of the day. So cute!

~ Love Delilah


Elderflower, are you there?