Ok.. I’m here

Hey Delilah,

Ok so you have me here. I am not entirely sure how this all works and am a little concerned that the world can see this. But I think you are right, I need to start moving with the times. How’s life over in Bondi today? By the looks of things you are already getting better weather than our entire summer. One minute we’re baring all in our strappy dresses and the next minute I’m wrapped up in woolies!!!

That “Super Heroes Party” looks amazing. Love the comic strip you have made. Wow is that really how birthday parties are organised in Bondi? I need to start rethinking my approach, my simple ‘Art Parties’ will no longer cut the mustard if Esmé see’s these pictures.

Thinking about weaning Annie off the boob. She’s showing me all the signs that’s she’s ready…..and I have to admit, I feel I’m ready to have my body back to myself – does that sound awful? How was Byron when you weaned him, was it hard? Annie and Byron have such similar personalities… I didn’t have much of a choice with Esmé, the decision was pretty much made up by her. It’s all such a quandary???!!!??

~ Love Elderflower

Ok.. I’m here

Elderflower, are you there?

Somehow I managed to find myself here on this blog, and I thought it would be a good place for us to share. I know you are not really into ‘blogging’ but just snap out of it, as it’s time you strip off your concerns and lay yourself bare for the world to see. Anyway, what’s the worst that could happen, no one reads this?

Just thought I would kick-start with an anecdotal story for the day. As you know Byron is now nuts about Spiderman. In fact we now cannot get the damn suit off him (even to wash). I am finding myself sneaking it from his room at night to get it on a speed wash. He’s even refusing to go to the toilet through fear I will swipe it from underneath him. We went to a wonderful ‘Super Heroes Party’ today for Winston’s 3rd birthday. When trying to convince Byron he would definitely need the toilet, he yells out to me in front of the other mums eating their birthday cake “No mummy, I am not doing a poo, my poo has fallen asleep and gone back up bum bum!” Oh the joys of motherhood.

Here are some of the pictures of the day. So cute!

~ Love Delilah


Elderflower, are you there?