Exciting news…

Hey Delilah!

The top arrived! I was so excited when I went to collect the package from the Post Office, I couldn’t get to the car quick enough and opened it up whilst I sat in the car park…the anticipation nearly killed me. What a gorgeous job your seamstress did, the invisible hem is beautiful (“bias binding” I’ve since learned on my dressmaking course), you can tell she’s very experienced and super talented.

I absolutely LOVE it. And seems I’m not the only one, since having this top made in this striking fabric, you wouldn’t believe how much interest has been sparked….whenever I latch Annie on, in it’s full discreet coverage, I have enquiries about where to get one, and that’s mostly strangers! Get’s me even more excited and spurred on that this is a product that Mummies really want. One Mummy friend who has not long had her daughter by c-section suggested a scalloped edge on the waist and back to disguise post baby bulges, I think she’s right. I’ll mock up one up (Get ME! Ain’t this dressmaking course paying off??) and send you a pic, but for the time being, this one is serving me really well – thank you!

Did you get the Bamboo socks yet? They’re just a small taster for what the fabric might be like for use as a top. Hear it is comfy, easily washed and non creasable…..this could be it Delilah!


Exciting news…

Elderflower, are you there?

Somehow I managed to find myself here on this blog, and I thought it would be a good place for us to share. I know you are not really into ‘blogging’ but just snap out of it, as it’s time you strip off your concerns and lay yourself bare for the world to see. Anyway, what’s the worst that could happen, no one reads this?

Just thought I would kick-start with an anecdotal story for the day. As you know Byron is now nuts about Spiderman. In fact we now cannot get the damn suit off him (even to wash). I am finding myself sneaking it from his room at night to get it on a speed wash. He’s even refusing to go to the toilet through fear I will swipe it from underneath him. We went to a wonderful ‘Super Heroes Party’ today for Winston’s 3rd birthday. When trying to convince Byron he would definitely need the toilet, he yells out to me in front of the other mums eating their birthday cake “No mummy, I am not doing a poo, my poo has fallen asleep and gone back up bum bum!” Oh the joys of motherhood.

Here are some of the pictures of the day. So cute!

~ Love Delilah


Elderflower, are you there?