Gormleys figures on Crosby Beach

Love the graffiti work, let’s hope Sydney doesn’t follow suit to Liverpool and sell them and the walls their sprayed to on. Did you hear that one of Banksy’s confirmed pieces was sold, an entire side of a derelict building here in Liverpool City got sold and removed!?!

So, my Burlesque days were always numbered. But all the fun came to an abrupt end shortly after group performance night (which sadly went ahead whilst I was away on hols). – And NO! Not because I was a total disaster at it, but the facilitator/tutor headed off on her travels around the world. Such a shame. I never thought I’d catch the bug as much as I have, but the social aspect was great and I have to say exploring body movement with accompanying music was surprisingly fun (even if we did have to listen to Pink Panther a million times over in rehearsals).

Weather’s just picking up now, great to have the longer daylight hours again (which means you’ll be shortening yours). Took a walk up to our beach in Crosby, the winds were wild, and made the sand blow like waves on the beach. Gormleys figures looked majestic.

Also, 15 breast feeding Mammas have been selected to trial the Feed garment of ours. One lady I recruited from a chance meeting in Ikea playground, after a chat about her twin girls being the same age as Annie (born the same week), and her comments on how tough it is to BF the two babbas at the same time, I suggested she come on board, and she agreed! It’ll be great to see what she makes of it and how well it works for the two to have a feed together with total discretion for her. So Garments sent out and first weeks online survey gone out……here goes, this is when we find out if it’s a goer or a total FLOP! Fingers x’d.



Gormleys figures on Crosby Beach