Launching our brand

As we get closer and closer to the launch of Elderflower & Delilah, I felt the need to shift the purpose of this blog. Certainly, it has been a record of our journey over the last year, from a crazy late light bulb moment (by Elderflower) followed by continuous encouragement (by Delilah) and together we have actually arrived. The launch.

I just wanted to say how hugely proud I am of you Elderflower, your strength to pursue this idea, even in the face of so many knock backs. I am your biggest fan, and I know that you will be a huge success over there in the UK.

Thank you for inviting me along this journey with you, certainly it has allowed us both to find a new passion outside of our roles as mothers, and has proven to us both that anything really is possible.

On a lighter note, the Elderflower & Delilah Instagram account is being launched today. Its so exciting to finally see it all come together.

I just can’t wait to see the brand launched, and wait to see the response from mothers in the UK.

~ Delilah x


Launching our brand

FEED® for tandem twin breast feeding

Hi Delilah,

Things are moving pretty quick this end, with excitement mounting for the launch of the website. The Twin and Multiple Birth team members ( are getting excited too with the Feed® recognised as a breastfeeding garment that allows for tandem feeding of babies, check out our latest article that raves about it’s benefits…..

Tandem Twin Breast Feeding Made Easy

Mum of four, Emma Bcheichi from Warrington, found herself in a quandary when the time came to feed her twin baby girls, Faith and Poppy, whilst out in public. She had plenty of experience of breastfeeding after having breastfed both her eldest daughters, but feeding twins – she found – brought its own complications. Invariably when one was crying to be fed, so then sparked the second one’s appetite, and before she knew it, both babies were in need of latching on. In the comfort of her home this wouldn’t present a problem, as tandem feeding had become the norm, sat on her sofa whilst catching up on her studies. But, when out and about it’s quite a different story. She tried many times before, but when one baby was successfully latched on, an awkward latch of the second would present a little tricky without Emma exposing herself.

When the girls were 6 months old Emma was presented with one of Elderflower & Delilah’s newest designs; a breastfeeding garment arrived to sample and trial. The eagerly anticipated Feed® prides itself with the ability to feed twins in tandem discretely whilst preserving the mother’s dignity under cleverly designed winged sleeves. All this, and its design boasts contemporary style, made in a super soft fabric for the comfort of both mum and her babies.

Emma was delighted with the new addition to her wardrobe stating, “It was amazing, it gave me the confidence and freedom to feed on the go whilst maintaining my dignity”; as a mum of four, being free to be ‘on the go’ is vital when running a household full of girls with dance, ballet and hip-hop club commitments every night of the week, there’s hardly a moment to stop.

You can find Feed® and Elderflower & Delilah’s breastfeeding range at:


FEED® for tandem twin breast feeding