Oh Delilah! What a nightmare! Well, here’s some news that should cheer you up. The feedback for the Feed top from our focus group members has come back and is generally really positive. A few suggestions for changes and tweeks to the design (but that’s what this whole process was about and we have now got the chance to improve it), so I feel much more confident that this is a good idea to take forward and not just that pie in the sky thought that was only a good idea in yours and my eyes. Aside from all this baby feeding wear I am also working on some art activities for children and families for our local Arts Trail Event. I have been roped into to running a stall again, so here’s what we’re up to…..elephants made from milk bottles and animals made from throw away boxes. Should be fun. Sent some promo photos of samples off and someone came back suggesting wooly mammoth ones, which I love the idea of, so plenty of scrap wool packed for the event too.



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