I have been inspired by your creativity Elderflower. Byron is now crazy for the Boxtrolls movie, and so we popped to the supermarket today and grabbed a load of old boxes. I started a production line, and made some of the characters from the movie. Byron decided he wanted to bring them into daycare and dress as ‘Fish’ for the day! It was hilarious…




Oh Delilah! What a nightmare! Well, here’s some news that should cheer you up. The feedback for the Feed top from our focus group members has come back and is generally really positive. A few suggestions for changes and tweeks to the design (but that’s what this whole process was about and we have now got the chance to improve it), so I feel much more confident that this is a good idea to take forward and not just that pie in the sky thought that was only a good idea in yours and my eyes. Aside from all this baby feeding wear I am also working on some art activities for children and families for our local Arts Trail Event. I have been roped into to running a stall again, so here’s what we’re up to…..elephants made from milk bottles and animals made from throw away boxes. Should be fun. Sent some promo photos of samples off and someone came back suggesting wooly mammoth ones, which I love the idea of, so plenty of scrap wool packed for the event too.



A working mum’s nightmare morning

Hey Elderflower,

Great news on the ‘test group’. I can’t wait to see how people react to the product, it will be so insightful.

Ahh.. Crosby Beach. I love those sculptures, they’re so eerie but incredible.

On the flip side I thought I would share my nightmare of a day!

This could be long and drawn out, but I am going to keep it short and sweet.

After negotiating with Ben over the car for the school run, I drew the short straw and ended up taking Byron by bus. A novelty of course for him, but a carefully orchestrated morning avoiding the usual mishaps (i.e. Byron arguing with me over a Spider-Man T-Shirt, plus he decides today is the day his shoes no longer fit, so then proceeded to stomp up and down the corridor screaming until I folded and let him wear his UGG boots on a beautiful 25 degree day!). Anyway, we got out the door which is no mean feat.

Of we set on our way, and both of us hop off the bus and within three steps Byron starts whining “Mum can you carry me into school, please”. Don’t get me wrong, he’s nearly blinkin’ 4 years of age, and normally wants to chase me, but I decided to cave in and picked him up, bouncing from one arm to the next, juggling school bags, handbag and laptop and to be honest I probably looked like a women possessed as I reached the school security gate. As soon as I stopped to negotiate the child proof gate, a horrible wave of poo smell surrounded us and I quickly put Byron down to find a big dog turd hanging off his shoes, and worse still caked across both my legs!

I have a 9:30am meeting in the city and I am going to smell of a toilet!?

Thankfully Byron’s teachers usher me in, and proceed to run around me like the scene when Annie gets taken to Warbucks mansion (the only thing missing was the cheerful tune). Within minutes I looked like I had wet myself, and was getting concerned that I was going to bring a woft of poo to every meeting I had locked in. Total nightmare.

Anyway it certainly was an awkward bus journey, with my heightened senses on alert, watching out for any sign of strangers looking around inquisitively. Well, they didn’t, thank the lord. And by the time I arrived in the office, my trousers were dry and I had regained some level of respect!

NOTE TO SELF: Never, ever, ever let Byron convince me to carry him again!


A working mum’s nightmare morning

Gormleys figures on Crosby Beach

Love the graffiti work, let’s hope Sydney doesn’t follow suit to Liverpool and sell them and the walls their sprayed to on. Did you hear that one of Banksy’s confirmed pieces was sold, an entire side of a derelict building here in Liverpool City got sold and removed!?!

So, my Burlesque days were always numbered. But all the fun came to an abrupt end shortly after group performance night (which sadly went ahead whilst I was away on hols). – And NO! Not because I was a total disaster at it, but the facilitator/tutor headed off on her travels around the world. Such a shame. I never thought I’d catch the bug as much as I have, but the social aspect was great and I have to say exploring body movement with accompanying music was surprisingly fun (even if we did have to listen to Pink Panther a million times over in rehearsals).

Weather’s just picking up now, great to have the longer daylight hours again (which means you’ll be shortening yours). Took a walk up to our beach in Crosby, the winds were wild, and made the sand blow like waves on the beach. Gormleys figures looked majestic.

Also, 15 breast feeding Mammas have been selected to trial the Feed garment of ours. One lady I recruited from a chance meeting in Ikea playground, after a chat about her twin girls being the same age as Annie (born the same week), and her comments on how tough it is to BF the two babbas at the same time, I suggested she come on board, and she agreed! It’ll be great to see what she makes of it and how well it works for the two to have a feed together with total discretion for her. So Garments sent out and first weeks online survey gone out……here goes, this is when we find out if it’s a goer or a total FLOP! Fingers x’d.



Gormleys figures on Crosby Beach


That is cute. Esmé must have been ecstatic.

The picture of us in Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb is probably hidden in someone’s attic somewhere! Love the detail. My goodness, hems and piping too!

Just got back from a lovely walk on the beach, and there’s some amazing new graffiti of dogs. Byron thought they were great. Just looked up the artist. Hi name is Mr G. Check out his work

Totally with you on the name. It does make perfect sense. Elderflower and Delilah it is!

~ Love Delilah



Elsa DIY Dress

DEFFO E&D! Are you kidding!?! It makes perfect sense. Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet now Delilah!

Well, life here at home in our resident Mad House is taking over again. Esmé’s been nagging me to make her an Elsa dress ever since she found I’ve been going to sewing classes. I felt so bad that I’ve been working on a teeny tiny dress for Annie in my lesson that I decided to bite the bullet and attempt an Elsa dress…… Googled: “Easy Elsa Dress Pattern”, and hey presto, up came an easy peasy t-shirt dress that even the most novice dressmakers amongst us can do.

The tutotial ( was so easy to follow and the result isn’t bad at all…..the BIG test was Esmé AKA Elsa’s discovery of it this morning, and phewee, it was a hit. So much so that I found it hard to persuade her out of it to get into her pre-school uniform. Promised her she could hop straight back into it this avo : )

Thankfully. Halloween this year is going to be a much easier affair, Esmé has announced we are all going as “boxtrolls”, fine by me, all I have to source is boxes to fit each of us in. My only reservation is that she’ll be disappointed to discover everyone else dressed as witches and pumpkins, maybe I’ll pack the Elsa Dress too as back up!!!! All this home sewing makes me think of how Mum must’ve have worked tirelessly 24/7 to get the outfits made up for all of us. Have you still got that pic of us as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?, hey there’s another idea for our brand, “DEE ‘N’ DUMB”…..see, didn’t I tell you E&D works perfectly!

~ Elderflower X

Elsa DIY Dress


Wow look at you? I go quiet for a couple of days and you have the full thing under control. To be honest, our wireless seemed to be down, and then realized after a couple of days of fiddling with wires etc, that in fact I’d only gone and knocked the plug out behind the dresser when hoovering! That will teach me! So glad to see that in my absence so much got done. I am eager to start on the branding brief as soon as possible. I have got a wonderful designer I work with who would be perfect for this. Let me know when you are ready and we will Skype and chat through your ideas. I will set aside a few days next week to write up the brief. Are we 100% about ‘Elderflower & Delilah’ as the brand name, I love it. Do you?

~ Back online. Delilah x