Beautiful night in Sydney

Hi Elderflower,

We have had a cracking first week of spring. The weather is beautiful and the afternoons are just starting to come back that hazy summer feel. I love it.

Not to make you jealous, but my goodness look at the sunset tonight, it was like a scene from Flash Gordan!


Oh goodness, weaning. Byron was ok, he was open to trying new things and as you say I felt it was time as he seemed to be distracted at feeding time, especially as he was becoming so alert and wanted to be involved in every other thing going on around him. Funny, I was only chatting about breastfeeding with a friend of mine today, and we laughed about the fact that she was given one of those aprons as a gift. It was red and she said that she felt like a flashing beacon – she said most people would stare at her with a weird curiosity in there eye like they were thinking “Oh so what do we have in there?”. Seriously, don’t we deserve a little more than an apron, or giant bib! I saw a poor lady with one today, and it had a glaring pattern over it. Forget the flashing beacon, I wasn’t thinking “what’s in there” I was thinking more about buying the lady a white sheet, cutting a hole and assuring her she would look and feel a whole lot more comfortable! Anyway, slightly off topic. Oh yeah, weaning. You’ll be fine, Annie will be fine. She’ll let you know when she’s had enough.

~ Delilah

Beautiful night in Sydney

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